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Discover Top-Quality 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum Ammunition at

Are you looking for good bullets for shooting? You’re in luck! Lucky Gunner Armory has a big selection of 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum bullets that work really well and are accurate. We have lots of choices, prices that won’t break the bank, and we ship quickly, making us a great option for shooters and fans. Make your shooting better with our awesome 5MM RRM bullets.

Why Choose Us?

At, we sell good 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum bullets. Our team makes them carefully and checks them to make sure they work great. These bullets are awesome for shooting small animals and targets because they’re super accurate and fly straight. Our website is easy to use, and if you buy a lot of bullets, you can get a discount. We even offer free shipping in the US. If you have any questions, our friendly team is always here to help. We make sure your online payment is safe and secure. We give you lots of details about each type of bullet so you can pick the right one. When you buy from us, you join a community of people who love shooting and being outdoors.


Case type                                               Rimmed, bottleneck

Bullet diameter                                    .204 in (5.2 mm)

Neck diameter                                      .225 in (5.7 mm)

Shoulder diameter                               .259 in (6.6 mm)

Base diameter                                       .259 in (6.6 mm)

Rim diameter                                        .325 in (8.3 mm)

Rim thickness                                        .050 in (1.3 mm)

Case length                                             1.020 in (25.9 mm)

Overall length                                        1.30 in (33 mm)

Primer type                                             Rimfire

Maximum pressure (SAAMI)              37,000 psi (260 MPa)

5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum Ammo: Accuracy and Versatility for Hunting and Target Shooting

The 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum ammo was created by Remington Arms Company a long time ago. It’s made for guns that use that size. The bullets are 5mm wide and have a special part in the rim of the cartridge. People like it because it’s good at hitting what you aim at, like small animals and targets. But it’s not as easy to find guns that use this ammo now.

5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum Ammo: Accurate and Versatile for Hunting and Target Shooting

People use 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum bullets a lot for shooting small animals and targets. These bullets are great at hitting things like squirrels, rabbits, and pests because they’re really accurate and fly straight. You can shoot them accurately from medium distances. They’re also fun for practicing shooting or just having a good time.

5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum Ammo: Performance Specifications for Hunting and Target Shooting

The 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum ammo is good for shooting at medium distances, like up to 100 yards. It depends on the gun you use and how you shoot.

The bullets in 5MM RRM rounds go pretty fast, like around 2,100 to 2,200 feet per second when they come out of the gun. The bullets themselves are usually about 30 grains. Just remember that the speed and weight might be a little different depending on the brand and type of bullet you pick.

Exploring the Variety of 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum Bullets: Options for Hunting and Target Shooting

Yes, you can find different kinds of 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum bullets. While there may not be as many choices as other types, you can still get different bullet styles and designs for the 5MM RRM caliber. Some options include bullets that have a hollow point, which expand when they hit something, and bullets with a solid point, which are good for shooting at targets or small animals. The bullets also come in different weights and styles, so you can pick what works best for you. To find out what choices are available right now, it’s a good idea to check with stores that sell guns and bullets or the companies that make them.

5MM Remington vs .22 Magnum: A Comprehensive Comparison of Calibers for Shooting Enthusiasts

When you compare the 5MM Remington to the .22 Magnum, there are a few things to think about. Let’s look at the main differences:

1. Caliber: The 5MM Remington was made by Remington, while the .22 Magnum is a more common type.

2. Bullet Size: The 5MM Remington has slightly bigger bullets at 5mm, while the .22 Magnum has bullets that are .22 inches.

3. Speed: The .22 Magnum usually goes faster than the 5MM Remington when it comes out of the gun.

4. Bullet Weight: The 5MM Remington bullets weigh around 30 grains, while the .22 Magnum bullets can weigh between 30 and 50 grains.

5. Availability and Choices: You can find .22 Magnum bullets easier, and there are more options like hollow points or soft points. It might be harder to find 5MM Remington bullets, and there aren’t as many choices.

6. Performance: Because the .22 Magnum goes faster and has bigger bullets, it’s usually better for shooting far away and has more power than the 5MM Remington.

When you decide which one to use, think about what you want to do with it, if you can find the bullets, if your gun works with them, and what you like. It’s a good idea to talk to people who know about guns to get more information about each type.

Comparing Rimfire Cartridges: A Beginner’s Guide to Bullet Size, Speed, and Availability of .22 LR, .17 HMR, and 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum

When you compare the 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum to bullets like .22 LR or .17 HMR, there are some important differences to think about:

1. Bullet Size: The 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum has bigger bullets than .22 LR but smaller than .17 HMR.

2. Speed: The 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum bullets are generally faster than .22 LR but a bit slower than .17 HMR.

3. Bullet Weight: The average weight of 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum bullets is around 30 grains, which is in between .22 LR and .17 HMR bullets.

4. Availability: It might be harder to find 5MM RRM bullets compared to .22 LR or .17 HMR bullets because they’re not as easy to find.

When deciding if the 5MM RRM is right for you, think about things like how easy it is to find the bullets, if your gun can use them, what you want to use them for (like hunting or target shooting), and what you prefer. Talking to experienced shooters or gun experts can help you learn more about how the 5MM RRM compares to other bullets.


To conclude, Lucky Gunner Armory is a great place to buy 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum bullets. We have a lot of options to choose from, and our prices are good. We also ship quickly so you don’t have to wait long. Whether you’re new to shooting or just starting out, our website is easy to use. Improve your shooting with our good 5MM RRM bullets. Start shopping now and see why Lucky Gunner Armory is the best choice for all your shooting needs!

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