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Discover the Powerful 9.3X74MM RIMMED Cartridges for Sale at Lucky Gunner Armory

At, we have a lot of different types of bullets you can buy. One kind of bullet that’s popular is the 9.3X74r ammo for sale. It’s a strong and versatile bullet that’s great for hunting. Whether you’re hunting big animals or just need a reliable bullet, the 9.3X74MM RIMMED cartridge is a good choice. In this article, we’ll talk about what makes it special and why you might want to buy it. That way, you can make a smart decision when you’re shopping for bullets.

Why Choose Us?

At Lucky Gunner Armory, we know how good it is to have ammo you can trust. Our 9.3X74MM RIMMED rounds are made with precision and go through strict quality checks to make sure they work well every time. Whether you’re hunting or shooting with precision, these rounds are reliable and hit the target well.

We have a big variety of 9.3X74MM RIMMED ammo to choose from. You can pick soft point, hollow point, or full metal jacket bullets based on what you need. Also, this lets you customize your ammo for different types of game, shooting distances, and what you like best.

We believe in giving you good ammo at fair prices. We want you to get value for your money. Also, our website is easy to use, and you can buy your 9.3X74MM RIMMED ammo quickly and safely online. No need to go to stores or wait in long lines.

We want to make sure you’re happy with what you buy. That’s why we have fast shipping and friendly customer service. Once you order, we process and send out your ammo as soon as we can. We work with reliable shipping partners to make sure your 9.3X74MM RIMMED rounds arrive quickly and safely. If you have any questions, our customer service team is here to help you.

Cartridge Specification

Case type                                                      Rimmed, bottleneck

Bullet diameter                                           9.30 mm (0.366 in)

Neck diameter                                             9.92 mm (0.391 in)

Shoulder diameter                                     10.40 mm (0.409 in)

Base diameter                                             11.90 mm (0.469 in)

Rim diameter                                              13.35 mm (0.526 in)

Rim thickness                                              1.40 mm (0.055 in)

Case length                                                   74.70 mm (2.941 in)

Overall length                                              94.50 mm (3.720 in)

Case capacity                                                5.39 cm3 (83.2 gr H2O)

Rifling twist                                                  360 mm (1-14.2″)

Primer type                                                   Large rifle

Maximum pressure (C.I.P.)                      340.00 MPa (49,313 psi)

Exploring the 9.3X74 Ammo: Uses, Limitations, and Effective Range

The 9.3X74 ammo is a special kind of bullet used in guns. It’s a bit wider than 9mm and about 74mm long. People mostly use it for hunting big animals. It’s strong and can go through animals like elk, moose, and bears.

But it’s not good for protecting yourself or staying safe. There are other bullets that are better for that because they’re easier to find, work better, and don’t kick back as much.

For shooting far away, the 9.3X74 ammo can be used, but it depends on some things. It’s good for shooting up to a few hundred yards, but not as good for far targets. It’s best for hunting animals that are not too far away.

Recall that how well the 9.3X74 ammo works depends on things like the type of bullet, the gun you use, how good you are at shooting, and the place you’re in. Also, it’s good to practice with your gun and bullets to know what they can do.

Complete Guide to 9.3X74mmR Ammo: Firearms, Recoil, and Hunting Regulations

Some types of guns can shoot the 9.3X74mmR ammo. These guns include rifles and combination guns. Also, they are made to work with this bullet.

When you shoot the 9.3X74mmR ammo, it gives a strong kick or push against your shoulder. That’s because it’s a big bullet with a lot of power. Make sure to hold the gun correctly and stand the right way to handle the kick.

Different places have different rules for hunting with the 9.3X74mmR ammo. It’s good to know the local hunting laws and rules before using it. You can ask wildlife authorities or hunting guides to find out about any restrictions or things you need to do when hunting with this bullet. Always follow the hunting rules to be fair and legal when you go hunting.

Complete Guide to Reloading the 9.3X74R Ammo: Techniques, Tools, and Popular Brands

Yes, you can reload the 9.3X74R brass yourself. Also, reloading means taking apart the used bullet, changing the primer, adding new powder, and putting in a new bullet. To reload the 9.3X74R brass, you need special tools like reloading dies, a press, and things like primers, powder, and bullets. Also, it’s good to follow safe reloading rules and get advice from skilled reloaders or reliable reloading manuals.

Some popular brands make the 9.3X74R ammo. Norma is a well-known brand that makes good 9.3X74R ammo. RWS is another famous brand that makes accurate and reliable 9.3X74R ammo. Sako, a brand from Finland, makes high-quality 9.3X74R bullets for hunting big animals. Hornady, an American brand, has different 9.3X74R bullets to choose from. Also, other brands that make 9.3X74R bullets include Sellier & Bellot, Federal Premium, and Winchester.

Comparing the 9.3X74R and .308 Bullets: Which is Right for Your Needs?

The 9.3X74R and .308 bullets are not the same. The 9.3X74R is used for hunting big animals because it has a bigger bullet that hits harder. The .308 is more versatile and accurate, and it’s used for different things like hunting medium-sized animals or by the military. The 9.3X74R is powerful and can go through things, while the .308 is good for shooting far away with accuracy. It depends on what you want to do. If you want to hunt big animals, use the 9.3X74R. If you want something versatile and easy to find, go for the .308.


If you’re new to shooting or hunting, you can find good 9.3X74MM RIMMED bullets at Lucky Gunner Armory. Also, these bullets are strong, reliable, and hit the target well. Our website has lots of options to choose from at prices that won’t break the bank. Ordering them online is easy, and they’ll arrive at your door quickly. So, if you’re just starting out, go to our website and get ready for your next shooting or hunting adventure with the impressive 9.3X74R ammo.

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