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400 COR-BON Ammunition: Unleash Your Firepower with High-Quality Rounds

Do you want great bullets that pack a punch? Check out! We have everything you need for guns and ammo. One of our best product is the 400 COR-BON ammo for sale. It’s strong and works great. Whether you’re new to shooting or just starting out, these bullets are impressive and will make you happy.

Why Choose Us?

At Lucky Gunner Armory, we understand how important it is to have good ammo that you can trust. That’s why we only sell high-quality products from trusted makers. The 400 COR-BON ammo for sale is a great example. It’s designed to be robust and accurate, so it makes your shooting experience even better.

When you buy from Lucky Gunner Armory, it’s easy. Our website is simple to use, and when you find the 400 COR-BON ammo you want, you just add it to your cart and buy it. We also ship fast, so you don’t have to wait long to get your order.

And the best part? We have good prices. We believe everyone should be able to afford good ammo, so we keep our prices low. Also, we offer discounts if you buy a lot, so you can get more 400 COR-BON ammo without spending too much money.

We only sell ammo from trusted brands because we care about quality. The 400 COR-BON ammo for sale is made by makers who care about their work. They make sure every round is made really well, so you can trust that it will work great. When you buy from us, you know you’re getting good ammo.

The 400 COR-BON ammo is great for all kinds of shooting. Whether you’re practicing, competing, or just want to feel safe, this ammo is a good choice. It’s strong, accurate, and reliable, so it’s perfect for whatever you need it for.

Cartridge Specification

Parent case                                               .45 ACP

Case type                                                   Rimless, bottleneck

Bullet diameter                                       .401 in (10.2 mm)

Neck diameter                                         .423 in (10.7 mm)

Shoulder diameter                                  .469 in (11.9 mm)

Base diameter                                         .470 in (11.9 mm)

Rim diameter                                          .471 in (12.0 mm)

Rim thickness                                         .050 in (1.3 mm)

Case length                                              .898 in (22.8 mm)

Overall length                                         1.20 in (30 mm)

Rifling twist                                             16

Primer type                                              small pistol/rifle

Maximum pressure                                29,000 psi (200 MPa)

Enhance Your Firearm Performance with 400 COR-BON Ammo: More Power and Accuracy for .45 ACP Guns

400 COR-BON ammo is a special kind of bullets made for certain guns that use a size called .45 ACP. These bullets are designed to be stronger and more accurate than the regular ones.

The reason for having 400 COR-BON ammo is to make the guns that use .45 ACP even better. They have a different shape and size that helps the bullets go faster and hit harder. This means they can stop things more effectively.

People mostly use 400 COR-BON ammo for staying safe. The extra power and accuracy make it good for protecting yourself in different situations. The bullets are faster and have more force, so they can stop bad things from happening.

Some people also use 400 COR-BON ammo for fun shooting activities, like practicing or competing. They are more accurate and work better, which makes shooting more enjoyable.

It’s important to know that guns need to be made for 400 COR-BON ammo or changed to use it. Regular guns for .45 ACP won’t work with these bullets.

Overall, 400 COR-BON ammo is special bullets that are stronger, more accurate, and work better in guns that use the .45 ACP size.

Compatibility of 400 COR BON Ammo with .45 ACP Firearms: A Comprehensive Guide

Yes, guns that use the .45 ACP size usually can work with 400 COR BON ammo. You can use 400 COR BON ammo in most magazines made for .45 ACP. But it’s important to check if your gun and magazines are okay with it. Some guns might need a little change to work better with 400 COR BON ammo. It’s a good idea to ask the people who made your gun or someone who knows about guns for help. They can tell you what to do if you need to make any changes. Remember to stay safe and follow the instructions from the gun makers when using 400 COR BON ammo or any other bullets in your gun.

Unlocking Superior Performance: Discover the Advantages of .400 COR-BON Ammo over Other Calibers

.400 COR-BON is a better type of bullet compared to others in some ways. When you compare it to regular .45 ACP bullets, .400 COR-BON is stronger and more accurate. It goes faster and hits harder, making it better at going through things and stopping them.

Compared to popular bullets like 9mm or .40 S&W, .400 COR-BON is even stronger. It has a bigger bullet and goes faster, so it can stop things more effectively. This can be useful for staying safe.

Remember that where you hit, the shape of the bullet, and the type of gun you use also matter for how well it works. Each type of bullet has its own good points and things to think about. To make the best choice, it’s a good idea to ask people who know a lot about guns or look for information about how different bullets perform. This will help you decide which one is the best for you based on what you need and like.

Discover the Compatible Firearms for .400 COR BON Ammo: A Comprehensive Guide

Yes, some gun companies make specific guns that can shoot .400 COR BON bullets. The 1911-style pistols, especially the ones made for .45 ACP, can often be changed or adjusted to work with .400 COR BON ammo. Some companies even have special guns or kits that let you use 400 COR-BON. But not all .45 ACP guns automatically work with .400 COR BON. To be safe and make sure it works, ask the gun company or someone who knows about guns before using .400 COR BON. They can tell you if it works with your gun and how to use it right.


To put it simply, Lucky Gunner Armory is a great website where you can buy good ammo, like the 400 COR-BON rounds. These bullets are powerful, flexible, and always work well, which makes them perfect for beginners. The website is easy to use, the prices are good, and the shipping is fast. So, if you need ammo, Lucky Gunner Armory is the place to go. Try out the awesome 400 COR-BON ammo for sale and see for yourself!

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