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Explore the Wide Selection of 35 Whelen Ammunition Available at Lucky Gunner Armory

If you’re new to guns and need good bullets, go to Lucky Gunner Armory. We have lots of ammo options, like the 35 Whelen ammo for sale. These are great for hunting and shooting because they work well and hit the target accurately. Newbies and people who like shooting sports often choose them.

Why Choose Us?

At Lucky Gunner Armory, we have a lot of cheap 35 Whelen ammo for sale. We offer a variety of options for different needs, whether you’re going hunting or just practicing at the range. Our ammo is made by trusted makers and meets high-quality standards, so you can rely on it to perform well.

We also make sure our prices are cheap. We offer discounts for buying in bulk, so you can save money when you purchase more. Our website is easy to use, and you can quickly find the 35 Whelen ammo for sale you’re looking for. We have different types of rounds available, like soft-point, hollow-point, and full metal jacket.

When you order from us, we ship your ammo quickly. We know you don’t want to wait too long, so we make sure it gets to you fast. And if you have any questions or need help, our customer support team is ready to assist you.

Visit now to see our selection of 35 Whelen ammo. We have cheap prices, bulk discounts, and fast shipping, so you’ll be ready for your next hunting or shooting trip.

Cartridge Specification

Parent case                                            .30-06 Springfield

Case type                                                Rimless, bottleneck

Bullet diameter                                     .358 in (9.1 mm)

Neck diameter                                       .385 in (9.8 mm)

Shoulder diameter                               .441 in (11.2 mm)

Base diameter                                       .472 in (12.0 mm)

Rim diameter                                        .473 in (12.0 mm)

Case length                                            2.494 in (63.3 mm)

Overall length                                        3.340 in (84.8 mm)

Rifling twist                                           1-16″

Primer type                                            Large rifle

Maximum CUP                                      52,000 CUP

Ultimate Guide to .35 Whelen Ammo: Everything You Need to Know for Hunting Big Game

.35 Whelen ammo is a special kind of bullet for rifles. It was made a long time ago by someone named Colonel Townsend Whelen.

People use .35 Whelen ammo for hunting big animals. It’s a strong bullet that can take down deer, elk, moose, and bears. It’s bigger and heavier than other bullets, which makes it very powerful.

When you shoot with .35 Whelen ammo, it hits the animal hard. This helps make sure the animal is taken down quickly and without suffering. It’s good for different hunting situations.

There are different types of bullets you can find for .35 Whelen ammo. Some bullets get bigger when they hit the animal. This makes a bigger hole and hurts the animal more.

Hunters who like to go after big animals often choose .35 Whelen ammo because it’s powerful and does a good job. It works well when you need to shoot from far away or at a big animal.

Just remember that .35 Whelen ammo is mostly used in rifles where you have to move a part of the gun to put in a new bullet. Lastly, .35 Whelen ammo is a strong bullet for hunting big animals. It’s accurate and gets the job done.

Understanding the Weight and Effective Range of .35 Whelen Bullets: A Comprehensive Guide for Hunting Enthusiasts

The bullets for .35 Whelen usually weigh between 180 and 250 grains. You choose the weight based on whether you’re hunting small or big animals.

The bullets can be effective for shooting within distances of 200 to 300 yards. It depends on things like the type of bullet, how long the gun’s barrel is, and how good you are at shooting. But remember, different shooting conditions and the gun itself can change how far the bullets can go.

Top Brands for 35 Whelen Bullet: A Comprehensive Review for Hunting Enthusiasts

Some good brands for .35 Whelen cartridge are Federal, Remington, Hornady, and Winchester. These brands make bullets that work well.

Yes, you can reload .35 Whelen bullet if you have the right tools and knowledge. Reloading means making your own bullets using empty cases. It’s important to be careful and follow the right steps when reloading. You also need to use the right parts for .35 Whelen bullets. If you’re new to reloading, it’s a good idea to ask experienced people for help or look at guides to do it safely and correctly.

35 Whelen vs. .308: A Comparison of Two Powerful Rifle Calibers

The .35 Whelen and .308 are two types of bullets used in rifles. They have some differences.

The .35 Whelen has bigger bullets, while the .308 has smaller ones. The .35 Whelen is good for hunting big animals because it shoots heavier bullets. The .308 is used for hunting, shooting targets, and military purposes and has lighter bullets.

When it comes to how they work, the .35 Whelen has more power and can stop animals better because of its bigger bullets. It can also go longer distances. The .308 goes straighter when shot and is known for being accurate and useful in different shooting situations.

In the end, which one you pick depends on what you want to do. If you want to hunt big game, the .35 Whelen is a good choice. If you want a bullet that works for hunting and target shooting, the .308 is a popular and reliable option.


Lucky Gunner Armory is a good place to buy 35 Whelen ammo for sale. We have ammo that’s cheap and works well. Don’t settle for cheap bullets that might not be reliable. Trust Lucky Gunner Armory to provide you with the ammo you need for shooting. Please choose us and see how our 35 Whelen bullets can make a difference.

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