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Experience the Power: Discover the Premium Selection of .300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Ammunition at Lucky Gunner Armory

If you’re new to guns and want to buy bullets, visit Lucky Gunner Armory. Also, we have a wide range of ammo, including powerful .300 Winchester Short Magnum(WSM) rounds. Our bullets are good, cheap, and easy to buy online. Whether you’re a novice or don’t know much, we can help you find what you need.

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for strong and accurate bullets? Lucky Gunner Armory has a great variety of .300 WSM ammo for sale. These bullets work well and are famous among hunters and shooters who want the best. We have different brands and types to choose from, whether you’re hunting or competing.

We know that cheap is good, so we have good prices and discounts for buying in bulk. This way, you can save money without a change in quality. Ordering online is easy, and we ship your bullets quickly.

At Lucky Gunner Armory, we care about making our clients happy and keeping them safe. We only offer bullets from trusted brands that meet high-quality standards. Our website provides detailed descriptions and facts about the bullets, so you can make smart choices.

Choose Lucky Gunner Armory for your 300 Winchester Short Magnum(WSM) ammo needs. Also, we’re engaged to providing great products and a simple shopping venture. Lastly, take a look at our selection today and experience the power and accuracy of 300 WSM bullets.

Cartridge Specification

Case type                                                    Rebated-rimmed, bottleneck

Bullet diameter                                         .308 in (7.8 mm)

Land diameter                                          .300 in (7.6 mm)

Neck diameter                                          .344 in (8.7 mm)

Shoulder diameter                                   .538 in (13.7 mm)

Base diameter                                           .555 in (14.1 mm)

Rim diameter                                            .535 in (13.6 mm)

Case length                                                 2.100 in (53.3 mm)

Overall length                                            2.860 in (72.6 mm)

Case capacity                                              80.4 gr

Rifling twist                                                1-10″

Primer type                                                Large rifle magnum

Maximum pressure (C.I.P.)                    63,817 psi (440.00 MPa)

Beginner’s Guide to .300 WSM Ammo: Everything You Need to Know for Successful Hunting and Long-Range Shooting

The letters WSM in .300 WSM stand for Winchester Short Magnum. It’s a type of ammo made by Winchester. The case of the cartridge is shorter and wider than regular magnum cartridges.

People use .300 WSM ammo mostly for hunting big animals like deer, elk, and moose. It’s good for hunting because it’s powerful, accurate, and has less kickback. The special design of the cartridge helps it go fast and hit hard, which is important for shooting animals at medium to long distances.

If you want to shoot far away, the .300 WSM is a good choice. It goes straight and works well over long distances. Also, make sure to use the right bullet and aim carefully if you want to hit targets far away.

Lastly, things like the weight of the bullet, the length of the barrel, and your shooting skills can affect how well the .300 WSM works for long-range shooting. Practice a lot, use the right equipment, and learn how the ammo works if you want to shoot far with the .300 WSM.

Demystifying .300 WSM Ammo: Bullet Weights and Hunting Regulations Simplified

You can choose between different bullet weights for .300 WSM, like 150 grains or 200 grains. The weight you pick depends on what you’re hunting and what you like. Lighter bullets go faster, while heavier ones have more power.

When it comes to hunting rules, they can be different in each place. Different areas have their own laws about guns, bullets, and how you can hunt. It’s important to know and follow the hunting regulations in your area when you use .300 Winchester Short Magnum(WSM) or any other bullets. To get the right information about the rules, you can contact the local wildlife or hunting authorities. They can give you the most current and correct details.

Comparing the .300 WSM to Other Popular Hunting Cartridges: Which One is Right for You?

The .300 WSM is a good choice for hunting because it has some unique qualities compared to other popular hunting cartridges. Let’s compare it to a few:

1. .300 WSM vs. .30-06 Springfield: The .30-06 Springfield is a versatile cartridge that many hunters use. It has a longer case and can use different bullet weights. The .300 WSM is similar to the .30-06 but has a shorter and wider case. It can perform just as well or slightly better than the .30-06. The .300 WSM usually has a faster bullet speed and a flatter path, which is helpful for shooting at long distances. It also has a bit less kick when you shoot it.

2. .300 WSM vs. .300 Win Mag: The .300 Winchester Magnum, also known as .300 Win Mag, is another popular hunting cartridge that’s known for its power and long-range abilities. The .300 WSM and .300 Win Mag have similar bullet sizes but different case designs. The .300 Win Mag has a longer case and can hold more gunpowder, so it generally has slightly higher bullet speeds and more power than the .300 WSM. However, the .300 WSM can be used in smaller and lighter rifles because it has a shorter action length.

3. .300 WSM vs. .270 Winchester: The .270 Winchester is a popular choice for hunters because it has a flat trajectory and manageable recoil. It’s good for medium-sized game. The .300 WSM is more powerful than the .270 Winchester and better suited for bigger game and longer-range shooting. The .300 WSM might have a bit more kick when you shoot it, but it offers more versatility and stopping power.

Lastly, the best cartridge choice depends on factors like the size of the game you’re hunting, your shooting choices, and the hunting conditions.

Top 5 Recommended Bullet Brands for the .300 WSM: Enhance Your Hunting Performance

Here are some bullet brands that are good for the .300 WSM:

1. Nosler: They make bullets like AccuBond, Partition, and Ballistic Tip that are accurate and expand in a controlled way.

2. Barnes: They have bullets called Tipped TSX and TTSX that keep their weight, go deep, and expand reliably.

3. Hornady: They offer bullets like InterBond, SST, and ELD-X that are consistent, have a good shape, and work well on the target.

4. Sierra: They are popular for the .300 WSM with bullets like GameKing and Pro-Hunter that are accurate, perform well, and come in different weights.

5. Swift: They make bullets like A-Frame and Scirocco II that expand in a controlled way, go deep, and keep their weight.

Try different brands to find the one that works best for your rifle and meets your needs.


Get better at shooting with Lucky Gunner Armory. We have cheap ammo for your guns. It’s easy to order, and we’ll ship it fast. Also, if you’re new to guns, no problem! We have great .300 Winchester Short Magnum(WSM) ammo to make your shooting venture awesome. Lastly, trust Lucky Gunner Armory to give you everything you need to improve your shooting skills.

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