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Unleash Your Firepower with .30 CARBINE Ammunition for Sale at Lucky Gunner Armory

If you’re looking for bullets for your guns, check out Lucky Gunner Armory. They have lots of different shots to choose from, including the .30 CARBINE bullets. These bullets are strong and can be used in different ways. Lucky Gunner Armory has a big selection of .30 CARBINE ammo for sale, so you can find the right ones for your shooting needs.

Why Choose Us?

At Lucky Gunner Armory, we know how good it is to offer affordable and good .30 CARBINE ammo for sale. Also, we get our ammo from trusted makers who focus on making accurate and good rounds.

We have different types of .30 CARBINE ammo for sale for diverse shooting needs. Whether you’re practicing at the range or want self-defense rounds, we have what you need. You can choose between regular rounds for practice or special rounds for self-defense.

We want to offer good prices without compromising quality. Also, we know buying ammo can be expensive, so we have discounts when you buy more. This helps you save money when you buy a lot of ammo at once.

Shopping for .30 CARBINE ammo in stock on our website is easy. Just look through our options, choose what you want, and go through the checkout process. We have a secure online system to protect your information.

We work hard to ship your order quickly and reliably. Also, we know it’s good to get your ammo on time. And if your order reaches a certain amount, you even get free shipping.

Making sure you’re happy is our top priority. Our customer support team is friendly and knows a lot about our products. Also, they’re ready to help with any questions or concerns you have. We want to build a good relationship with you and give you great service.

Along with 30 carbine ammo, we also have guns, accessories, and gear. You can find everything you need to improve your shooting experience. Our goal is to give you the right tools to get better and enjoy shooting even more.


Parent case                                                    .32 Winchester Self-Loading

Case type                                                        Rimless, straight-walled

Bullet diameter                                             .3078 in (7.82 mm)

Land diameter                                               .3000 in (7.62 mm)

Neck diameter                                               .3358 in (8.53 mm)

Base diameter                                                .3567 in (9.06 mm)

Rim diameter                                                 .3600 in (9.14 mm)

Rim thickness                                                .050 in (1.3 mm)

Case length                                                     1.290 in (32.8 mm)

Overall length                                                1.680 in (42.7 mm)

Case capacity                                                  21 gr H2O (1.4 cm3)

Rifling twist                                                    1 in 20 in (510 mm)

Maximum pressure (SAAMI)                     40,000

Primer type                                                     Small rifle

Maximum pressure (C.I.P.)                        46,410

Maximum CUP                                              40,000 CUP

Exploring the Versatility of .30 CARBINE Ammo: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

30 CARBINE ammo is special bullets made for a specific kind of gun called the .30 Carbine rifle. This gun was used by the US military in World War II and later.

People use 30 CARBINE ammo for different things:

1. Shooting targets: Many people like to shoot at targets for fun and practice using 30 CARBINE ammo. It’s not too strong and doesn’t push you back too hard, so it’s good for beginners.

2. Hunting small animals: You can also use 30 CARBINE ammo to hunt small animals like rabbits or squirrels. Also, it’s accurate and powerful enough for shooting at shorter distances.

3. Self-defense: Even though it’s not the strongest ammo, 30 CARBINE can still be used for protecting yourself in some situations. Also, it’s small and easy to handle, which can be helpful.

4. Historical events: Some people who like history use 30 CARBINE ammo to recreate old events or competitions. Also, it makes the experience more real for events from World War II or similar times.

Remember, how well 30 CARBINE ammo works depends on the type of bullet, the length of the gun barrel, and the specific gun you use. Always be safe and follow the rules and laws when using guns and ammo.

Mastering .30 CARBINE Bullet: Effective Range and Recoil Explained for Beginners

30 CARBINE ammo can shoot accurately for a good distance, usually between 200 and 300 yards (183 to 274 meters). But remember, it depends on the gun, bullet type, and how you shoot.

When you shoot 30 CARBINE ammo, you’ll feel a kick called recoil. But don’t worry, it’s not too strong. It’s easier to handle than bigger bullets. If you’re new to shooting or don’t like strong kicks, this ammo is a good choice. The recoil is lower, so you can shoot again quickly and aim better at your targets.

Demystifying .30 CARBINE Ammo: Bullet Types and Compatibility Explained for Beginners

There are different kinds of bullets for 30 CARBINE ammo. Also, you can choose full metal jacket (FMJ), soft point (SP), hollow point (HP), or special bullets for self-defense or hunting. Also, each type has its own features and is used for different shooting purposes.

If you have a different gun that uses a similar cartridge, be careful. Even if the guns look similar, they might not work with 30 CARBINE ammo because of differences in pressure and size. Always check the instructions and recommendations from the gun maker to make sure you use the right bullets safely.

.30 Carbine vs. 9mm: A Simplified Comparison for Beginners

Let’s compare 30 Carbine and 9mm in simple terms:

1. Size: 30 Carbine bullet is bigger than 9mm. Also, it has a larger bullet and casing.

2. Power: 30 Carbine cartridge is stronger than 9mm. Also, it goes faster and has a bigger kick.

3. Usage: 30 Carbine cartridge is used in rifles like the M1 Carbine, while 9mm is used in handguns.

4. Range: 30 Carbine cartridge can shoot accurately over longer distances compared to 9mm.

5. Availability: 9mm bullets are easier to find in stores compared to 30 Carbine cartridge.

6. Cost: Usually, 9mm bullets are cheaper than 30 Carbine.

When you’re deciding between 30 Carbine and 9mm, think about what you want to use it for and what kind of gun you have. Follow the instructions from the gun maker and obey the laws when you buy and use bullets.

Top Brands for .30 Carbine Cartridge: Affordable and Reliable Options for Your Shooting Needs

There are several popular brands that manufacture 30 Carbine shells. Some of these brands include:

1. Aguila: Aguila is a famous brand that makes affordable and reliable 30 Carbine bullets. Also, they have options for shooting targets and practicing.

2. Buffalo Bore: Buffalo Bore makes strong bullets for hunting and self-defense. Also, their 30 Carbine bullets have a lot of power.

3. Federal Premium: Federal Premium offers different bullets for different shooting needs. Also, they make 30 Carbine bullets for shooting targets and hunting.

4. Hornady: Hornady is a trusted brand that makes good quality bullets. Also, their 30 Carbine bullets expand well and work well.

5. Magtech: Magtech makes reliable and affordable bullets. Also, they have 30 Carbine options for practicing at the range and hunting.

6. Prvi Partizan: Prvi Partizan has a history of making bullets for the military and regular shooters. Also, they offer 30 Carbine bullets that are reliable and well-priced.

7. Remington: Remington is a well-known American brand that makes guns and bullets. They have 30 Carbine bullets that are easy to find and can be used for shooting targets and practice.

When choosing bullets from these brands, think about what you need them for, how much you want to spend, and if they are in.


In easy words, Lucky Gunner Armory is a good place to get 30 CARBINE ammo for sale and other shooting stuff. Also, the bullets are good and don’t cost too much, and it’s easy to buy them on the website. We want you to have fun shooting. So, go to Lucky Gunner Armory now, look at all the things we have, and buy what you need. Start your shooting experience today with reliable and good 30 CARBINE bullets in stock from Lucky Gunner Armory!

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