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Unleash Your Firepower: Get Your Hands on 25-35 Winchester Ammunition at

If you’re new to guns and looking for good bullets, we have just what you need at Lucky Gunner Armory. Also, we offer a variety of shells, including the 25-35 Winchester ammo in stock. These bullets are reliable and work well in different situations. Again, you can find a lot of 25-35 Winchester ammo for sale on our website. Here, we’ll give you simple information about these bullets, why they’re great, and how you can buy them easily.

Why Choose Us?

At Lucky Gunner Armory, we have cheap 25-35 Winchester Ammo for sale. We always have the 25-35 Winchester Ammo in stock, so it’s easy to find what you need. Our goal is to give you the best value for your money.
Our Brand X 25-35 Winchester Ammo is reliable and works well. We make it carefully to give you consistent results. Whether you’re hunting or practicing shooting, you can trust our Brand X Ammo.
Our good-quality 25-35 Winchester Ammo is a great choice if you want accurate and powerful ammo. Also, it’s made with good materials to give you precise shots and good performance. With our good-quality options, you can improve your shooting skills.
If you want to buy a lot of 25-35 Ammo, we have great deals for buying in bulk. Buying in bulk saves you money and ensures you always have enough ammo. Lastly, enjoy your shooting sessions without worrying about running out of bullets.


Case type                                      Rimmed, bottlenecked

Bullet diameter                           .258 in (6.6 mm)

Neck diameter                            .282 in (7.2 mm)

Shoulder diameter                    .365 in (9.3 mm)

Base diameter                             .422 in (10.7 mm)

Rim diameter                              .506 in (12.9 mm)

Rim thickness                             .063 in (1.6 mm)

Case length                                  2.043 in (51.9 mm)

Overall length                             2.55 in (65 mm)

Rifling twist                                 1 in 8 in (200 mm)

Primer type                                  Large Rifle

Maximum pressure                    44,000 psi (300 MPa)

Everything You Need to Know About 25-35 Winchester Ammo: A Comprehensive Guide

25-35 Winchester Ammo is a kind of bullets for rifles that use the 25-35 Winchester caliber. Also, it was made by Winchester in 1895. It’s not too powerful and can be used in different ways.

The bullets are about .257 inches wide and the casing is 1.87 inches long. They usually have bullets weighing between 85 and 117 grains. The bullets don’t make too much pressure, so they work well in older rifles.

People mostly use 25-35 Winchester Ammo for hunting. It’s good for shooting animals like deer, antelope, and hogs. The bullets are strong enough and fly in a good path.

You can also use 25-35 Ammo for target practice and fun shooting. The bullets don’t kick too hard and they’re accurate, so it’s fun to shoot them at targets.

Remember, you need a lever-action rifle, like the Winchester Model 1894 or Marlin Model 336, to use this ammo. These guns are cool and many people like collecting them.

So, 25-35 Ammo is a versatile kind of bullets used for hunting and shooting targets. It’s not too strong and works well with certain rifles.

Unlocking the Potential of 25-35 Winchester Ammo: Effective Range and Self-Defense Considerations

How far can 25-35 Winchester Ammo bullets go? It depends on the gun you use and how you shoot. Usually, they work well for hunting within a range of about 150 to 200 yards. But remember, your aim and the type of gun can affect how far the bullets travel.

Can you use 25-35 Winchester Ammo for self-defense? It’s not as common as other ammo made specifically for self-defense. Since people mostly use this ammo for hunting, it may not offer the same level of strength and effectiveness for self-protection.

If you’re considering self-defense, it’s generally better to choose ammo specifically made for that purpose. Some popular ammo types for self-defense are 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP. They’re designed to be more powerful and better for self-defense situations.

Just make sure to check the laws in your area about using guns and ammo for self-defense. Lastly, if you want more advice on self-defense ammo, it’s a good idea to ask experts or instructors who can help you choose the right kind.

Comparing 25-35 Winchester and 30-30 Bullets: Choosing the Right Caliber for Your Hunting Needs

The 25-35 Winchester and the 30-30 are different types of bullets used in rifles.

The 25-35 is a smaller bullet, while the 30-30 is bigger. Also, the 25-35 Winchester is good for hunting medium-sized animals like deer and hogs. It’s not too strong and has moderate power. People often use it in lever-action rifles.

The 30-30 is a popular choice for hunting. Also, it has a bigger bullet and more power. It’s good for medium-sized animals and has been used for a long time. Many people like using it in lever-action rifles.

Both bullets have their own advantages. Also, the 25-35 Winchester has less kickback and can shoot straighter over shorter distances. The 30-30 has more power and can shoot farther.

When choosing between the 25-35 and the 30-30, think about what you want to hunt and how far you want to shoot. It’s also important to consider what kind of rifle you have.


We have the 25-35 Winchester Ammo for sale you’re looking for at Lucky Gunner Armory. Also, we offer different types at prices that won’t break the bank. Our aim is to make sure you’re happy with what you buy and make it easy for you to shop. Lastly, go to our website to see 25-35 Winchester Ammo in stock. At Lucky Gunner Armory, we’re your go-to place for all your shooting needs.

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