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Unleash Your Power with 500 S&W Amm0 for Sale at Lucky Gunner Armory

If you’re new to guns and need bullets, Lucky Gunner Armory is a good place to find them. We have lots of different types of ammo, including 500 S&W ammo for sale, which is a common kind. You can trust our website to have good quality shells for shooting.

Why Choose Us?

At, you can get 500 S&W ammo for sale at a good price. This 500 S&W ammo is good for hunting big animals or doing shooting contests from far away.

We have different kinds of 500 S&W ammo, like ones that go deep or ones that expand in a calm way. You can also find bullets that have a lot of stopping power. We have brands like Winchester, Hornady, and Federal that you can trust to work well and hit the target accurately.

Not only do we have strong and reliable 500 S&W ammo, but we also give you great deals and discounts. We know it’s good to have cheap options, so we have good prices and choices to buy a lot at once. When you buy in bulk, you can save even more!

It’s easy and convenient to shop with us. Our website is simple to use, and you can securely buy online without going to stores or waiting in line. Just a few clicks, and you can see what we have. Pick the 500 S&W ammo for sale you want and have them delivered to your home.

We want to make sure you’re happy and that your ammo arrives quickly and safely. Trust Lucky Gunner Armory for all your 500 S&W ammo needs.

Cartridge Specifications

Case type                                                     Semi-rimmed, straight

Bullet diameter                                         .500 in (12.7 mm)

Neck diameter                                           .526 in (13.4 mm)

Base diameter                                            .526 in (13.4 mm)

Rim diameter                                             .556 in (14.1 mm)

Rim thickness                                            .056 in (1.4 mm)

Case length                                                 1.625 in (41.3 mm)

Overall length                                             2.3 in (58 mm)

Primer type                                               Large pistol originally, now large rifle

Maximum pressure                                 60,000 psi (410 MPa)

500 S&W Magnum: Power, Uses, and Considerations

Smith & Wesson manufactures the 500 S&W Magnum, a powerful bullet specifically designed for handguns. It’s big and powerful. The bullet is .500 inches (12.7mm) wide and is one of the biggest ones you can buy.

People use the 500 S&W Magnum mainly for hunting big animals like bears and elk. It goes deep and stops them well. Some people also think it could be used for self-defense in places where dangerous animals live.

While you can technically use the 500 S&W Magnum for shooting targets or just having fun shooting at things, most people don’t. It costs a lot for each bullet, and when you shoot it, the gun kicks back hard, which can be tough to handle. So, most people prefer to use other bullets that are cheaper and easier to shoot, like the .22 LR, 9mm, or .45 ACP, for those activities.

Beginner’s Guide to the .500 S&W Magnum: Power, Handling, and Compatible Firearms

Can beginners handle the .500 S&W Magnum?

The .500 S&W Magnum is not a good choice for beginners because it has a strong kick and is very powerful. It can be hard to control, especially if you’re not experienced. It’s better for beginners to start with smaller guns and work their way up slowly.

How strong is the .500 S&W Magnum?

The .500 S&W Magnum is one of the most powerful bullets for handguns. It has a lot of force and can stop things really well. The exact strength depends on the weight of the bullet and how it’s loaded, but it can go really fast and has a big kick when you shoot it.

What guns shoot the .500 S&W Magnum?

There are different guns that shoot the .500 S&W Magnum. Smith & Wesson makes revolvers like the Smith & Wesson Model 500, which is made specifically for this bullet. Other companies like Taurus also make revolvers that can shoot the .500 S&W Magnum. These guns are made to handle the power and kick of this bullet and are usually specialized.

Complete Guide to Ammunition for the Smith & Wesson 500 and Alternative Firearms

The Smith & Wesson 500 has different kinds of bullets you can use, like full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets for shooting targets, hollow point (HP) bullets for self-defense or hunting, and special bullets that reduce kick or go through things better. It’s good to choose bullets made for the Smith and Wesson 500 to work right and be safe.

If you want other guns instead of the Smith & Wesson 500, there are some choices. One is the .44 Magnum, which is strong and good for hunting and self-defense. Smith & Wesson also made the .460 S&W Magnum, which is a bit less strong but can use different barrels for being more useful. The .45 Colt is an old-fashioned bullet that works for self-defense and hunting smaller animals. Another option is the .454 Casull, which is strong and good for hunting and self-defense. It can also be used in some .460 S&W Magnum guns. When you’re picking a different gun, think about what you want to use it for, how much kick you can handle, and if you can find the right bullets for it.

Comparing the Power: 45 70 Government vs. 500  Magnum

Yes, the 45 70 Government bullet is generally stronger than the 500 Magnum. The 45 70 Government bullet was made for rifles and has more power and stopping ability compared to the 500 Magnum, which is used in handguns. People often use the 45 70 Government for hunting big animals because it works well. The 500 Magnum is a strong bullet for a handgun, but it’s not as powerful as the 45 70 Government. The bullet shape and loading method can influence the performance of a bullet, but in general, the 45 70 Government delivers more power.


If you’re new to buying ammo and want to get some 500 Smith and Wesson bullets, check out Lucky Gunner Armory. We have a bunch of choices and the prices are good. We’ll send your order fast too. If you need help, our nice team is there for you. Just go to our website and it’s easy to buy 500 Smith and Wesson ammo online. Your guns will be happy with what we have!

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