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High-Quality 480 Ruger Ammunition for Sale at Lucky Gunner Armory

If you’re new to guns and need good bullets, check out Lucky Gunner Armory. We have different types of bullets, like the 480 Ruger, that work well. We want to make sure you’re happy, so we have good prices and send them to you quickly. Here, we’ll talk about why people like ruger 480 bullets. They’re strong, accurate, and perform well. So if you need 480 Ruger ammo for sale, go to

Why Choose Us?

At Lucky Gunner Armory, we have many options for .480 Ruger bullets. We have different types of bullets for different goals, like fending yourself or shooting targets. You can find the right bullets for what you want to do.

We make sure the bullets we sell are good quality and work well. We get them from trusted brands who know how to make good bullets. Each bullet is checked to make sure it will work every time you use it.

We know that price matters, so we try to keep our prices fair. If you buy a lot of ruger 480 bullets at once, we give you a discount. This makes it cheaper to get more bullets. You can shoot more without worrying about running out.

Buying on our website is easy. You can look at all the different bullets we have, read about them, and buy them safely online. We also send the bullets to you quickly, so you don’t have to wait long.

If you have any questions about the 480 Ruger ammo for sale, our nice team is here for you. We know a lot about bullets and want to make sure you’re happy with what you buy. We’re here to help you have a good time.

Cartridge Specification

Parent case                                                   .475 Linebaugh

Case type                                                      Semi-rimmed, straight

Bullet diameter                                           .476 in (12.1 mm)

Land diameter                                            .465 in (11.8 mm)

Neck diameter                                            .504 in (12.8 mm)

Base diameter                                             .504 in (12.8 mm)

Rim diameter                                              .540 in (13.7 mm)

Rim thickness                                              .065 in (1.7 mm)

Case length                                                   1.285 in (32.6 mm)

Overall length                                              1.650 in (41.9 mm)

Primer type                                                   Large pistol

Maximum pressure                                     48,000 psi (330 MPa)

An Introduction to .480 Ruger Ammo: Uses, Self-Defense, and Considerations

.480 Ruger ammo is a special kind of bullet that goes with guns that use the .480 Ruger size. It was made by Ruger and Hornady in 2003. These bullets are big and strong, and people use them for hunting animals or shooting at targets.

Some people also use .480 Ruger ammo to stay safe. It’s powerful and can stop bad things from happening. But you should know that .480 Ruger bullets are bigger and stronger than other bullets used for safety, like 9mm or .45 ACP. When you shoot a gun with .480 Ruger ammo, it pushes back a lot and makes a loud noise. It might be harder to aim and shoot again quickly.

If you want to use .480 Ruger ammo to stay safe, you should think about things like the size of the gun, how to handle the pushback, and how good you are at shooting. It’s also good to follow the rules where you live and get proper training to use guns safely.

Recall, the most important thing is to use guns well and keep yourself and others safe, whether you’re hunting, shooting targets, or staying protected.

Exploring .475 Linebaugh Bullets: Types, Brands, and Bullet Weights

There are different kinds of bullets that work with a .475 Linebaugh gun. Also, these bullets look different and are made of different materials. Some have a hollow tip, some are flat, and others are made of strong metal.

Some brands are advised for .475 Linebaugh bullets. Also, these brands are known for making good bullets that are used for hunting and protecting yourself. Some examples are Buffalo Bore, Garrett Cartridges, and Grizzly Cartridge Company.

The bullets for .475 Linebaugh come in different weights. Also, some are heavy, and some are light. The weight of the bullet can affect how it works. Also, heavier bullets can go through things better, while lighter bullets can go faster. When you choose a bullet, think about what you want to use it for and what you like.

Recall, it’s good to choose the right bullets for your gun and what you want to do with it.

Comparing 480 Ruger and 454 Casull: Differences, Uses, and Considerations

The 480 Ruger and 454 Casull are strong bullets for handguns that people use for hunting and self-defense. Here are some differences between them:

1. Size and Power: The 480 Ruger is a bit bigger than the 454 Casull. Also, it has more power.

2. Kickback: When you shoot the 480 Ruger, it pushes back harder, making it a bit harder to control and shoot again quickly.

3. Finding Bullets: It’s easier to find different types of bullets for the .454 Casull because it has been around longer. Also, but you can still find bullets for the 480 Ruger.

4. Uses: Both bullets are good for hunting and self-defense. The 480 Ruger is especially good for bigger animals, while the .454 Casull works well for different animals.

When deciding between the 480 Ruger and .454 Casull, think about what you want to use it for, how it feels when you shoot it, and if you can find the kind of bullets you need. Practice a lot and get comfortable with your gun to shoot accurately and safely.


If you’re new to guns and need cheap and reliable .480 Ruger bullets, go to Lucky Gunner Armory. Also, we have lots of good options at low prices. Ordering online is easy, and we’ll ship your ammo fast. If you have any questions, our helpful team is there to assist you. Also, visit Lucky Gunner Armory now to find the right 480 ruger ammo for sale for shooting or hunting.

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