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Explore the Wide Selection of 454 Casull Ammunition for Sale at Lucky Gunner Armory

If you’re new to guns and want to get 454 Casull ammo for sale, you’re in the right spot! Lucky Gunner Armory has a great selection of high-quality ammo for you. Whether you’re into hunting or just trying out target shooting, we’ve got the right bullets for you. Our prices are cheap, and we’ll ship your order fast. And if you have any questions, our friendly customer service team is here to help. Trust us to provide you with the best ammo that will be delivered straight to your door.

Why Choose Us?

When you want to buy 454 Casull bullets online, is a good place to go. Our website is easy to use, and you can find the right bullets for what you need. We give clear information, so you can make a good choice. Buying is safe and simple.

At Lucky Gunner Armory, we know it’s important to have good bullets that work well. We only sell 454 Casull ammo made by trusted brands that care about how they perform. You can trust that the bullets you buy from us will be reliable and accurate.

We also ship your order quickly and safely. And if you buy a lot of bullets at once, you can save money.

When you’re looking for 454 Casull ammo for sale, think about things like the shape, weight, and how fast they go. We have lots of options, including bullets for practice and bullets for self-defense. No matter if you want lighter or heavier bullets, we have what you need.

When you buy from Lucky Gunner Armory, you can trust that our bullets are made well. We care about keeping our clients happy. Every bullet is made carefully and the same, so you can trust that they will work well.

We also have info to help you make good choices. Our website has articles and guides to help you choose the best 454 Casull ammo for sale.

Don’t settle for bad bullets. Get the best from Lucky Gunner Armory. We have good bullets at a good price. With our big selection, good prices, and safe shipping, it’s easy to get the bullets you need.

Cartridge Specification

Parent case                                                            .45 Colt

Case type                                                                Rimmed straight

Bullet diameter                                                     .452 in (11.5 mm)

Land diameter                                                      .442 in (11.2 mm)

Neck diameter                                                      .480 in (12.2 mm)

Base diameter                                                       .480 in (12.2 mm)

Rim diameter                                                        .512 in (13.0 mm)

Rim thickness                                                        .057 in (1.4 mm)

Case length                                                             1.383 in (35.1 mm)

Overall length                                                        1.77 in (45 mm)

Case capacity                                                         45.5 gr H2O (2.95 cm3)

Primer type                                                             Boxer Small rifle

Maximum pressure (SAAMI)                             65,000 psi (450 MPa)

Maximum CUP                                                      50,000 CUP

Ultimate Guide to .454 Casull Ammo: Uses, Benefits, and Hunting Applications

The .454 Casull ammo is a strong bullet that people use for hunting and protecting themselves. It was made by Dick Casull a long time ago. It’s bigger and stronger than the 44 Magnum bullet.

People mostly use .454 Casull ammo for hunting big animals and staying safe. It goes fast and has a lot of power, which helps to shoot down deer, boar, elk, and even bears. The bullet can go through things well and stop big animals if you aim right.

The .454 Casull bullet is famous for stopping dangerous animals and is liked for protecting in the wild. It’s strong and can be trusted when you need a lot of power.

But it’s good to know that there may be rules about using .454 Casull ammo for hunting big game, depending on where you are and the hunting conditions. Always check the laws and rules about using this kind of bullet for hunting.

To sum up, the .454 Casull ammo is a strong and useful bullet for hunting and staying safe.

Choosing the Best Casull 454 Ammo: Top Brands, Recommended Bullet Weight, and Muzzle Velocity Explained

There are some good brands of Casull 454 ammo that you can trust, like Hornady, Winchester, Federal Premium, and Buffalo Bore. These brands make ammo that works well and is popular among many people.

When it comes to the weight of Casull 454 bullets, it’s advised to choose between 240 grains and 360 grains. The weight you pick depends on what you want to use the ammo for, such as hunting or protecting yourself. Lighter bullets go faster and have a flatter path, while heavier ones go slower but have more power to go through things.

The speed at which a bullet comes out of the gun, called muzzle velocity, can vary for Casull 454 ammo. It can be somewhere around 1,500 to over 1,900 feet per second (fps). The exact speed depends on the specific ammo and the weight of the bullet. You can find this data on the box of ammo or by checking with the company that makes it.

Comparing .454 Casull and 44 Magnum: Differences in Power, Bullet Size, Recoil, and Availability

The .454 Casull and 44 Magnum are two strong bullets for handguns, but they have some differences.

1. Power: The .454 Casull is stronger than the 44 Magnum. It has more power and goes faster, which means it can stop things better and go through them more.

2. Bullet Size: The .454 Casull has a bigger bullet size of .452 inches, while the 44 Magnum has a smaller size of .429 inches. The bigger size of the .454 Casull makes it stronger and can make bigger holes.

3. Recoil: The .454 Casull has more kick than the .44 Magnum because it’s stronger. This can make it harder to shoot, especially for beginners or people who don’t like strong kick.

4. Availability: It’s easier to find .44 Magnum bullets than .454 Casull bullets. There are more options for .44 Magnum bullets, so it’s easier to buy them.

5. Uses: Both bullets are good for hunting medium to large animals like deer and boar. But the .454 Casull is better for hunting big, dangerous animals like bears because it’s stronger and can go through things better.

In the end, the choice between the .454 Casull and .44 Magnum depends on what you like and what you’re using them for. The .454 Casull is stronger, while the .44 Magnum is easier to find and has less kick.


If you’re new to buying ammo and need .454 Casull bullets, you’re in the right place at Lucky Gunner Armory. We have a wide selection to choose from, and our prices are cheap. We make sure the bullets we sell are good quality. Getting 454 Casull ammo for sale online is easy with us. So go ahead and order today to get the strong and versatile Casull 454 bullets you need for your gun.

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