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44 Russian Ammunition for Sale: Unleash the Power of Your Firearm

If you’re new to guns and need good bullets, Lucky Gunner Armory is a great place to find them. Also, we have different kinds of ammo, including 44 Russian bullets. These bullets are known for being reliable and strong. They work well in different cases and are popular among people who like guns. Whether you’re just starting out or want to compete, .44 Russian bullets can give you the power you need. Go to Lucky Gunner Armory to see what Russian 44 bullets we have.

Why Choose Us?

Good ammo quality and reliability:

At Lucky Gunner Armory, we care about making sure our 44 Russian ammo is good and works well. Also, we have a lot of famous brands that make reliable ammo. We test each round of 44 Russian ammo to make sure it’s consistent, goes at the right speed, and ignites reliably. When you buy from Lucky Gunner Armory, you can trust that you’re getting ammo that meets high standards.

Easy to find and good prices:

One great thing about shopping for 44 Russian ammo at Lucky Gunner Armory is that we have a lot available and the prices are fair. We keep a big stock of ammo, so even when a lot of people want it, you can still find what you need. Also, we give discounts if you buy a lot, so you can save money on your ammo.

Fast and safe shipping:

Lucky Gunner Armory knows it’s good to get your ammo quickly and without any problems. When you order 44 Russian ammo, we make sure to ship it fast and safely. We work with good shipping companies, so your ammo arrives safe and on time. You can trust that Lucky Gunner Armory will take good care of your order.

Cartridge Specification

Parent case                                              .44 S&W American

Case type                                                  Rimmed, straight

Bullet diameter                                       .429 in (10.9 mm)

Neck diameter                                         .457 in (11.6 mm)

Base diameter                                         .457 in (11.6 mm)

Rim diameter                                          .515 in (13.1 mm)

Rim thickness                                          .060 in (1.5 mm)

Case length                                              0.970 in (24.6 mm)

Overall length                                          1.43 in (36 mm)

Case capacity                                           27.10 gr H2O (1.756 cm3)

Rifling twist                                             1 in 20 in (510 mm)

Primer type                                              Large Pistol

Maximum pressure                                14,500 psi (100 MPa)

.44 Russian Ammo: Uses, Limitations, and Self-Defense Considerations

.44 Russian ammo is a type of bullets made for guns that use the .44 Russian cartridge. Also, it was created a long time ago and used by the Russian military and police. People often use it for shooting targets or if they like old-style guns.

When it comes to protecting yourself, .44 Russian ammo may not be the best choice compared to newer, stronger bullets. Also, it doesn’t go as fast or hit as hard as some other bullets used for self-defense, like 9mm or .45 ACP. The .44 Russian cartridge wasn’t made for self-defense. There are better options available for that.

But recall, any gun and bullets can be dangerous. If you have a gun that uses .44 S&W American ammo and it’s all you have for self-defense, it can still work if you aim well and hit your target. Just be aware of the laws where you live and get proper training. It’s also a good idea to ask experts like gun teachers or self-defense experts for advice on what’s best for you.

Russian 44 Ammo: Compatible Firearms, Bullet Weight, and Velocity Explained

You can use Russian 44 ammo in special guns made for the Russian 44 cartridge. Also, some of these guns are revolvers like the Smith & Wesson Model 3, Colt New Line, and Nagant M1895 revolver.

The bullets used in Russian 44 ammo usually weigh around 200 to 246 grains. But recall, the weight can change depending on the brand and type of ammo.

The speed of .44 S&W American ammo can be different for each bullet and gun. On average, it goes from about 600 to 800 feet per second (fps). Also, if you want more exact info, it’s a good idea to check the instructions from the company or look at ballistic data.

High-Quality 11.2x36mm R Ammo Brands, Historical Significance, and Shooting Competitions Explained

Some specific brands make good 11.2x36mm R ammo. These brands are Winchester, Hornady, Fiocchi, and HSM. Also, people like them because they make bullets that work well and are accurate.

11.2x36mm R ammo is good in history because it was made a long time ago for Russian military and police guns. It was used in important events and wars like the Russo-Japanese War and World War I. Making the 11.2x36mm R cartridge helped improve guns and influenced the design of other bullets.

You don’t see 11.2x36mm R ammo used a lot in regular shooting contests or sports now, but it might be used in matches for old guns. These matches let people who like old guns show how good they are. Just recall, the rules for using 11.2x36mm R ammo can differ depending on the match or sport.

Reloading 44 Russian Brass: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Yes, you can reload 44 Russian brass. Reloading brass means you can reuse the empty cases by putting in new stuff like the primer, powder, and bullet. This helps you make your own bullets for guns that use 44 Russian.

Reloading is a way to save money and make your bullets just the way you want. You can customize them for different types of shooting. But you have to be careful and do it right to stay safe. Before you try reloading 44 Russian brass or any other bullets, make sure you learn how to do it the right way. You’ll need to get the right tools, materials, and instructions. It’s also a good idea to ask someone who knows about reloading to help you.


If you’re new to firearms, Lucky Gunner Armory is a great website to buy 44 Russian ammo. We have a wide variety of cheap and good-quality shell that’s easy to find. Whether you’re just starting out or learning about guns, Lucky Gunner Armory makes it easy to get the ammo you need. Take a look at our website today and find the right shot for your shooting needs.

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