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Premium 40 Super Ammunition Available for Purchase at Lucky Gunner Armory is a website that sells guns and stuff for shooting. We have a special kind of bullet called .40 Super ammo, which is known for being strong and accurate. It’s popular among skilled shooters. You can get 40 Super ammo for sale from our website easily. We make it simple for you to get what you need.

Why Choose Us?

Lots of Ammo to Choose From:

At Lucky Gunner Armory, you can find a big selection of 40 Super Ammo for sale. We have different kinds of bullets, weights, and brands to pick from. Whether you want bullets for self-defense or practice, Lucky Gunner Armory has what you need. We make sure the .40 Super Ammo they sell is good quality.

Easy Online Shopping:

Shopping for .40 Super Ammo at Lucky Gunner Armory is easy. Our website is simple to use. You can look at our catalog and see clear descriptions and pictures to help you decide. The checkout system is safe, so your transaction is rescued. We also ship your 40 Super Ammo quickly, so you get it fast. Lucky Gunner Armory wants to make clients happy and gives you a smooth time when you shop online.

Cartridge Specification

Parent case                                                  .45 Winchester Magnum

Case type                                                      Rimless, bottleneck

Bullet diameter                                           .400 in (10.2 mm)

Base diameter                                              .471 in (12.0 mm)

Rim diameter                                              .475 in (12.1 mm)

Rim thickness                                             .049 in (1.2 mm)

Case length                                                  .988 in (25.1 mm)

Primer type                                   Small pistol magnum or small rifle magnum

Exploring the Advantages of .40 Super Ammo: Power, Penetration, and Versatility

.40 Super Ammo is a special kind of bullet that’s stronger than regular 40 S&W bullets. It’s made to be faster and hit harder. People use .40 Super Ammo mostly for protecting themselves and hunting because it’s more powerful and can stop threats better.

Here are a few good things about using .40 Super Ammo:

1. More Power: .40 Super Ammo has more energy and can do more damage than regular bullets. Also, it’s better at stopping bad guys or dangerous animals.

2. Goes Through Things: This ammo can go through stuff like clothes or barriers easier. It can still hurt the target even if there’s something in the way.

3. Good for Different Things: You can use .40 Super Ammo for different stuff like protecting yourself, hunting medium-sized animals, or just shooting at targets. Also, it works well in different cases.

4. Shoots Farther: .40 Super Ammo works well when you’re shooting far away. It stays on target and hits harder even if it’s a long distance.

5. Works in Some Guns: You can usually use .40 Super Ammo in guns that are made for regular 40 S&W bullets. Also, you don’t need a special gun for it.

Recall, it’s good to think about things like how much the gun kicks back, finding the ammo you need, and if your gun can handle the stronger ammo before using .40 Super Ammo.

Essential Tips for Reloading 40 Super Ammo: Bullet Types, Safety, and Legal Considerations

Yes, there are good things to think about when reloading 40 Super Ammo. It’s different from regular 40 S&W ammo because it has more power and higher pressure. When you reload, make sure to use the right brass made for 40 Super Ammo. Regular 40 S&W brass won’t work safely. Also, pick powders that work well with higher pressure loads and follow the instructions from trusted sources, like reloading manuals. Pay attention to how deep you put the bullets in to make sure they fit right. And when you choose primers, use ones that can handle the higher pressure.

There are a few popular bullet types for .40 Super Ammo. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullets have a lead core inside a copper or brass covering. They’re good for practicing at targets. Hollow Point (HP) bullets are made to expand when they hit something, making a bigger hole and transferring more energy. People often use them for self-defense.

As for the rules about buying and having 40 Super Ammo, they can be different depending on where you are. Some places might need permits or licenses to buy or have high-pressure ammo like 40 Super. Background checks might also be needed in certain areas. It’s good to know and follow the laws and rules about guns and ammo where you live. You can get news from local leaders, gun stores, or legal experts to understand the specific rules for buying and having a 40 Super Ammo.

Exploring the Differences Between .40 Super and 10mm Cartridges: A Comprehensive Comparison

The .40 Super and 10mm cartridges are alike in some ways, but they have important differences. The .40 Super is a stronger version of the .40 S&W cartridge, made to be better. It has more pressure, which means it goes faster and hits harder than the .40 S&W. The .40 Super can shoot in a straighter line and stop things better.

The 10mm cartridge was first made for the FBI and is known for being very powerful. It has even more pressure than the .40 Super, so it goes even faster and hits even harder. The 10mm can shoot faster, hit harder, and be more accurate over longer distances.

Even though the .40 Super and 10mm cartridges are about the same size and can be used in guns made for 10mm, they have differences in pressure and how well they work. The .40 Super is in the middle between the regular .40 S&W and the strong 10mm. It gives you more power without as much kick or making your gun work too hard.

Recall, it’s good to follow the instructions for your gun to use the right ammo safely.


If you’re new to shooting and want strong and accurate bullets, take a look at 40 Super ammo. Also, lucky Gunner Armory has a wide variety of 40 Super ammo for sale at good prices. Our website is easy to use, and we make sure your order gets to you safely. Also, go to Lucky Gunner Armory now to find the right 40 Super shells for your guns and make your shooting time better.

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