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Explore the Wide Range of .40 Cal Ammunition for Sale at Lucky Gunner Armory

Lucky Gunner Armory is a good website to buy ammo for your guns. We have a lot of different types of ammo, including 40 Cal Ammo for sale. Also, this type of ammo is popular and works well with many guns. If you’re new to guns, Lucky Gunner Armory is a great place to find .40 Cal Ammo that will meet your needs.

Why Choose Us?

1. Lots of Choices: At Lucky Gunner Armory, you’ll find many different options for 40 Cal ammo for sale. Aslo, we have a variety of brands, weights, and styles to choose from.

2. Cheap Prices: We offer competitive prices on all our ammo, including .40 Cal ammo. Also, you can get high-quality bullets without spending too much money.

3. Easy Online Shopping: Our website is easy to use. Also, you can browse and buy 40 Cal ammo for sale from the comfort of your own home. It’s simple and safe to make a purchase.

4. Fast Shipping: We make sure to ship your .40 Cal ammo quickly. It will arrive at your doorstep in no time. Also, we value your time and want to provide a great shopping experience.

Cartridge Specification

Parent case                                             10mm Auto

Case type                                                Rimless, straight

Bullet diameter                                     .400 in (10.2 mm)

Land diameter                                      .390 in (9.9 mm)

Neck diameter                                      .423 in (10.7 mm)

Base diameter                                       .424 in (10.8 mm)

Rim diameter                                        .424 in (10.8 mm)

Rim thickness                                        055 in (1.4 mm)

Case length                                            .850 in (21.6 mm)

Overall length                                        1.135 in (28.8 mm)

Case capacity                                         19.3 gr H2O (1.25 cm3)

Rifling twist                                            1 in 16 in. (406 mm)

Primer type                                            Small pistol

Maximum pressure                              35,000 psi (240 MPa)

Ultimate Guide to .40 Caliber Ammo: Uses, Benefits, and Tips for Target Shooting and Self-Defense

.40 Caliber Ammo is a type of bullets used in guns that take 40 caliber. It’s also called .40 S&W Ammo. People use it for self-defense to stay safe. Both law enforcement and regular folks use it. The .40 S&W round is made to have enough power but not too much recoil, so it’s easier to shoot.

You can also use .40 Caliber Ammo for shooting at targets. It’s accurate and liked by many people who do shooting contests or practice shooting. The recoil of .40 Caliber Ammo isn’t too strong, so you can aim well when shooting at targets.

Recall that whether 40 Caliber Ammo is good for target shooting depends on what you like and how good you are at shooting. Some people prefer lighter bullets for longer practice, but others think .40 S&W Ammo is just right.

The good thing is to find the ammo that feels best for you, works with your gun, and helps you shoot well. Also, it’s a good idea to try different types of ammo to find what’s best for your shooting goals and what you’re pleased with.

Exploring Bullet Weights, Concealed Carry, and Top Brands of 40 S&W Ammo

What are the different bullet weights you can find in 40 S&W Ammo?

– 40 S&W Ammo comes in different bullet weights like 135 grains, 155 grains, 165 grains, and 180 grains. The weight affects how fast the bullet goes and how much the gun moves when you shoot.

Can you use 40 S&W Ammo for carrying a hidden gun?

– Yes, many people think 40 S&W Ammo is good for carrying a hidden gun. It has enough power to stop a bad person but doesn’t make the gun kick back too much. It’s a popular choice for protecting yourself.

What are some famous brands that make .40 S&W Ammo?

– Some famous brands that make .40 S&W Ammo are Federal, Winchester, Streak, Civil Defense, Nosler, and CCI. Also, these brands are trusted and known for making good ammo that works well for shooting.

40 Cal vs 9mm: A Comparison of Popular Pistol Calibers

1. Strong Kick: The 40 Cal ammo has a stronger kick than the 9mm because of its bigger bullet and more power. It can be harder to handle when shooting quickly.

2. More Bullets: The 9mm can hold more bullets in its magazine compared to the 40 Cal ammo. This is because its bullets are smaller, so you can fit more of them inside.

3. Better Stopping Power: The 40 Cal ammo has better stopping power than the 9mm. Also, its bigger and heavier bullets can go deeper and do more damage to the target.

4. Ammo Availability and Cost: It’s easier to find and usually cheaper to buy 9mm ammo than .40 Cal ammo. Many people use 9mm, so there’s more variety and better prices.

5. Personal Choice: In the end, it’s up to you. Some people like the stronger kick and stopping power of the .40 Cal ammo, while others prefer the lighter feel and more bullets of the 9mm.

Understanding Firearm Calibers: The Difference Between .40 Caliber and .45 ACP Ammo

You can’t use .40 Caliber Ammo in a .45 ACP gun. They are not compatible because they are different sizes and shapes. Using the wrong ammo can be dangerous and might cause problems or damage to the gun. Also, to stay safe and make sure everything works right, always use the ammo that the gun maker recommends.


In simple terms, Lucky Gunner Armory is a good website to get 40 Cal Ammo for sale. We have a lot of different types to choose from, and the prices are good. We also ship your order quickly. Whether you’re a police officer, want to stay safe, or just enjoy shooting, their .40 Cal Ammo is a good option. Take a look at Lucky Gunner Armory to see all the 40 S&W for sale. It’s a great way to improve your shooting with good-quality ammo!


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