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Introducing the 30 SUPER CARRY Ammunition: Unleash Your Firepower with Unbeatable Deals!

Are you looking for good bullets to make your shooting better? You can find them at Lucky Gunner Armory. We have lots of different bullets, including the powerful 30 SUPER CARRY ammo for sale. Our prices are good, and we’ll send your bullets to you quickly.

Why Choose Us?

Lucky Gunner Armory has a big selection of bullets, including the popular 30 SUPER CARRY ammo for sale. It’s easy to buy them from our website.

Just go to, look at what we have, and pick the 30 SUPER CARRY bullets you want. It’s safe and easy to pay for them online.

Good Prices: We have fair prices on everything we sell, including 30 SUPER CARRY bullets. We don’t have extra people in the middle, so we can give you the best deal and save you money.

Fast and Reliable Shipping: When you order 30 SUPER CARRY bullets from us,it will arrive at your door quickly and safely. They know you want them fast, and they’re good at sending them out on time.

Trusted Quality: We are known for selling good stuff. We get our bullets from trusted makers, so you can trust that the 30 SUPER CARRY bullets you buy will work well when you need them.

In short, Lucky Gunner Armory is a good place to get 30 SUPER CARRY ammo for sale. We have good prices, fast shipping, and reliable quality, which makes them a good choice for newbies.

Cartridge Specification

Case type                                                          Rimless, tapered

Bullet diameter                                               0.312 in (7.925 mm)

Land diameter                                                 0.303 in (7.70 mm)

Neck diameter                                                 0.337 in (8.56 mm)

Shoulder diameter                                          0.338 in (8.59 mm)

Base diameter                                                  0.342 in (8.70 mm)

Rim diameter                                                   0.344 in (8.74 mm)

Rim thickness                                                  0.050 in (1.27 mm)

Case length                                                       0.827 in (21.0 mm)

Overall length                                                  1.169 in (29.7 mm)

Maximum pressure                                         50,000 psi (340 MPa)

Everything You Need to Know about .30 SUPER CARRY Ammo: Uses, Benefits, and More

.30 SUPER CARRY ammo is a special kind of bullets made for small guns that use the .30 SUPER CARRY size. People use it to protect themselves.

The goal of .30 SUPER CARRY ammo is to help you stay safe. It has enough power to stop someone who might harm you.

People like .30 SUPER CARRY ammo because it works well in small guns. It’s good for hiding and still being effective.

Here are some common ways people use .30 SUPER CARRY cartridge:

1. Self-defense: Many people use .30 SUPER CARRY cartridge to defend themselves. It’s made to stop someone who might try to hurt you.

2. Personal protection: People who carry guns for protection often choose .30 SUPER CARRY cartridge. It’s small and powerful, so it’s good for keeping yourself safe.

3. Target shooting: Some people also use .30 SUPER CARRY cartridge for fun at the shooting range. It’s not as popular as other kinds of bullets, but it can still be enjoyable to shoot.

Recall, it’s good to follow the rules and get proper training when using guns and bullets.

Unlocking the Power of 30 SUPER CARRY bullet: Features, Compatibility, and Effective Range

30 SUPER CARRY bullet is designed with special features that make it work well in guns that use the 30 SUPER CARRY size. It’s made to be accurate, reliable, and have strong power to stop threats when you need to protect yourself.

You can’t use 30 SUPER CARRY bullets in just any gun. It’s made for guns that use the 30 SUPER CARRY size. So, before using this ammo, make sure your gun fits that size.

The effective range of 30 SUPER CARRY bullets can vary depending on the gun you use, how heavy the bullets are, and the conditions you’re shooting in. But generally, it’s good for protecting yourself within distances of about 25 yards.

30 SUPER CARRY vs 9mm: A Comparison of Calibers for Self-Defense

When you compare the 30 SUPER CARRY and 9mm calibers, there are a few important things to think about.

1. Size and Power: The 30 SUPER CARRY is usually stronger and more powerful than the 9mm. The bigger size of the 30 SUPER CARRY bullet means it can hit harder and stop threats better.

2. Recoil: The 30 SUPER CARRY caliber can kick back more when you shoot it compared to the 9mm. This might make it a bit harder to aim and control the gun, especially if you’re not used to it.

3. Ammo Availability: The 9mm is popular and easy to find. Lots of people use it, so you can find many different types of ammo. But the 30 SUPER CARRY caliber might not have as many options for ammo to choose from.

4. Magazine Capacity: Usually, guns that use the 9mm can hold more bullets in the magazine compared to guns that use the 30 SUPER CARRY. This can be helpful if you want to have more bullets ready for self-defense.

When you’re trying to decide between the 30 SUPER CARRY and 9mm, think about what you like, how well you can shoot, and what you want to use the gun for. It’s a good idea to try out different guns and calibers to see which one feels best for self-defense.


If you’re new to shooting and looking for ammo, Lucky Gunner Armory has a type called 30 SUPER CARRY ammo for sale. Also, it’s strong, accurate, and good for self-defense, contests, and tactical use. Lucky Gunner Armory has low prices, fast shipping, and good ammo, so we’re a good place to buy from. Check our website to see what we have and how .30 SUPER CARRY can help you shoot better.

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